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How to use Siri – Tips and Tricks?

New gadgets continue to amaze with their functionality and the benefits they bring. Apple also delights its fans. But the developers of the first apple technique did not take into account the fact that fans of free time for literary works were forced to buy additional e-books or tablets. How to read books on the iPhone now, so that it was comfortable for the eyes and functional? It’s very simple – install one of the applications. However, in this article, we will provide you with information on how to use siri on iphone 11.

Siri as One of the Most Interesting iPhone Chips

The iPhone is a temptation for those who have not tried but only seen the device in use. And who became the owner – they will not be able to pick up other smartphones. Many nuances at every minute of the Iphone’s work literally scream that these are the best devices, thought out to the smallest detail. We will reveal chips that you do not even suspect.

The fast operation of the iPhone directly depends on the battery, which after a certain period of operation requires replacement. Now, by opening a large number of applications at the same time, the device reduces performance to prevent sudden shutdowns and extended service life.

The Siri app is already built into iOS. In recent years, the program has bridged the gap between the initial development and the current version. It can be called a great tool for reading – it is flexibly customized to the needs of each user, allows you to download books of various genres, and works quickly and reliably.

It will humorously answer strange questions and will not fail, reminding of planned affairs. It will find the subscriber in the contact list in a second, will specify once again about the planned calls, will make a call, and many other things. “Apple Personal Assistant” – that’s what Siri calls herself. Sometimes we face a situation when it is impossible to call the operator of any company. Endless sentences press the number “1” and then “4”, etc. As a result, the lost time and nerves.

Tips and Tricks for Siri Users

To download the Siri app for free on the iPhone, you just need to go to the iBookStore. The store is already built into the application from Apple. It contains many free books, but there are also paid works. Before buying, the user can read the passage and decide whether to pay for it or not. The application also allows you to download books from the Internet using iTunes. The main condition is that the file has the format epub. To download the document to iPhone, you need:

  • launch iTunes by opening the Books section;
  • go to the “Media” tab and transfer to it the files previously downloaded from the Internet;
  • connect the device via a cord;
  • select the “Books” section and synchronize;
  • mark with flags what needs to be transferred;
  • click “Done” at the end of the process.

The installation process is not the easiest. It is necessary to connect the device to the laptop, to connect it through a cord, and at first to understand the long downloading of books. It is much more convenient to use the free library.